the easter tradition

At Easter time, festive sweets are also filled with memories and meaning. The Folar (traditional sweet bread) that fills the air with an irresistible scent of cinnamon and fennel represents a new beginning and a new life; it is traditionally given by godparents to their godchildren, wishing them prosperity. The Egg Nest, another quintessential symbol of this time of year, is a cake that is typically gifted to friends and features sugared almonds of various colours symbolizing joy and friendship. 

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Chocolate Almonds
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Chocolate Almonds

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Legend has it that a Nordic princess who had married an Arab prince was homesick for the whiteness of her country's snow. The king ordered almond trees to be planted; he knew that the robe of white flowers would herald Spring. The princess was enchanted by the almond trees in bloom, whose fruit would be coated in chocolate, in the magic of sweetness at Confeitaria Peixinho.